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What we do and don’t do with your data.

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When you decide to store and use your favorites collection in the Cloud with you are giving us data that would otherwise be on your computer, tablet or smart-phone. You may ask: what do we do with this data, where is it stored and how do we use it?

TL;DR answer: nothing, we store it and help you organize it so you can access it from anywhere.

Longer answer: the data you share with is stored on our servers in a data-center located in the Netherlands. The servers are owned and operated by and only service members are allowed to access these servers to maintain and ensure their smooth operation. The data is stored securely in our relation database and is encrypted, so even staff that accesses the server does not have the ability to read the data from an account.

The data transfer between the servers and the devices (computers, tables or smart phones) with which you use to navigate the site with is also secured. The site uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) based on the TLS 1.2 protocol, to make sure that no one can peak at the data the site is sending you or you are sending the site.

We do not share the data stored on our servers for your account with any third-party entities. The data is used only to allow the website to display your bookmarks and notes back to you, via the different views that are available in the system (like the My Dashboard view, where you can organize your bookmark collection based on several criteria).

The only time we share bookmarks and notes with third parties is when you mark these items as being public. When you click the 'Note is publicly listed' or 'Link is publicly accessible' checkboxes, these items will become available to the Notes public index or the Bookmarks public index on the website. These indexes are available to everyone and anyone who accesses the site at any given time: this includes search engines and tools used to record the state of a website at a given time.

When rendering a bookmark, note or folder public, these are also made available in the Bookmarks or Notes public search feature on, while the folders that you have shared publicly will be available on your profile page. The same is true for the keywords that have been used to create the bookmarks, notes or folders you have shared: they will be available on the auto-complete suggestions that the search text field offers all public users.

You may want to keep in mind that once an item (bookmark, note or folder) has been made public, we cannot stop third party entities from copying it or indexing it. Even after you decide to no longer make that item public, a copy of the item may remain on the Internet and be available for consultation in search engine indexes. This is outside of our control and we cannot be held accountable for such copies or how they are used.

The thing to remember is that: if your data is marked as private, which is the default setting in, that data will only be available to you, delivered securely to your device. We will not access the data or share it with anyone in any circumstances!

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