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Account registration and authentication changes in 2020!

In January 2020 we launched a newer version of the Online Bookmarking Service www.linqto.methis one has bene in the works for a few months now and is finally ready for our users to experience. In this new version we have made ample yet subtle changes to the way in which you can register or login to our website.


The first experience you have with is creating your account (you can do this for free by clicking on the New User link: In the old system, a cumbersome security question had to be filled in and we asked our users to memorize the answer to this question should they lose their password and wish to reset their account. This is no longer the case, the registration procedure has been simplified: just pick a username, a display name and a password and you are ready to go.


More Secure:

In the old version of the website, following the creation of your account, would send you a recap email with the account details, which also included the password you setup for your new account. In the new version, since this email contains confidential information, we send it via a secure connection to your email server. For example, if you use Gmail, with the older version of you can see that the email was not encrypted before it was sent, so anyone could intercept it and read the content. This is not the case with the new system.

We have also removed the password information that was enclosed in the above email, so that it would not be accidentally revealed if someone gained access to your email account.

Also as part of the securing of the login process, we have made sure that all account passwords are more complex. A password is now required to:

  • Have at least 8 characters in length
  • Contain an upper- and lower-case letter
  • Contain a digit
  • Have a symbol (non alpha-numeric) character (like @ ^ _ …)

If your password already met these criteria when we upgrade to the new account management system, the website will just transfer your existing account into the new login provider. If not, you will be asked to provide a new account password via a dialog box like the one below when logging in:

One a new password is provided you are on your way and can continue to access all the contents you already had linked to your account with no changes.


If you lost your account password or your account was locked out, re-initializing the password was quite complex: you would need to remember the answer to the security question you provided once during the registration process. If you did not remember what answer you provided, your password would be lost. Also, if you locked our account out because of two many invalid login attempts, your account would remain locked out until a site Administrator would unlock it for you.

Today, the password reset mechanism has been simplified: simply provide your account email or username and we will send you an email with a password reset link inside, which will allow you to login and setup a new password. Please note that this only works if your account email has been verified.

If you lockout your account because of too many unsuccessful login attempts, we also clearly notify you on the login page, as well as via email that your account has been locked out. The email you receive will also provide you with clear instructions on how to unlock the account and be able to continue using again.

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